About Us

The Shia Ithna’asheri Islamic Jamaat of Los Angeles (SIIJLA) was formally inaugurated on April 25, 1981 under the leadership of Marhum Gulamabbas Dhala.  With support from a few dedicated families (“the Pioneers”) funds were raised to purchase a Church and eventually convert it to what is today known as “Hussein Imambargah, aka Husseinia”.  The Imambargah’s official inception was held on Zilhajj 18, 1404 Hijrah, on the 1400th birthday of Imam Hussein (AS) – September 15, 1984.The center has since been serving the community through a wide array of educational programs, events, and activities through the inspiration of the religion of Islam.

SIIJLA initiated its humble beginnings with approximately 10-15 families.  By the Grace of Almighty Allah (swt) SIIJLA now has a vibrant community of approximately 70-80 families, and I/A will continue its history of growth and prosperity.

SIIJLA Services Include:

  • Fridays: Salaat-al-Jumma;
  • Sundays: Sunday School attended by students from numerous Centers of S. California;
  • Muharram and Ramadhan Programs: With English Lectures by world renowned scholars;
  • All our Imams’ Wiladat Celebrations and Wafaat Commemorations;
  • Eid Functions—including various fund-raisers;
  • Interfaith Gatherings;
  • Annual Mother’s Day Celebration-main focus on welcoming guests of all faiths;
  • Movie night/Bar-B-Que night etc.—a continuous effort to engage and keep youth motivated and involved with the Center.
  • Humanitarian assistance to the needy--various food drives and financial assistance, fund-raising for disaster reliefs throughout the third world countries.

SIIJLA is a close knit community with an ardent welcoming ambiance; Our youth learn by examples from their parents—always willing to reach out to others; Our members, friends and neighbors comprise of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds from all walks of Shia world; In spite of various languages being spoken at Husseinia, we are ONE community.

The Executive Committee of SIIJLA would be remiss if it did not recognize the tireless efforts of the volunteers that serve the Community on a continual basis. Furthermore, SIIJLA is extremely fortunate to be comprised of a Membership that both demands the best and provides the backing and support to deliver.